Professional Development

This page lists resources, services, and opportunities for professional development while students complete their graduate degree. Whether you plan on staying in academia or transitioning to an industry career, it’s important to take advantage of all the professional development resources available to us as students.

Texas Career Engagement (TCE)

  • TCE offers a variety of services to graduate students from 1X1 appointments to discuss career goals/options to reviewing your resumes and practicing for interviews. Other services TCE offers is professional development workshops with tips for interviewing for jobs, negotiating job offers, resume/CV writing, and navigating networking opportunities.

Graduate Students - Texas Career Engagement - UT Austin

Graduate Appointments - Texas Career Engagement - UT Austin

Travel Awards

  • The travel awards have an application process and only a few students are selected each application cycle, but these can be applied to if you find a professional development opportunity where you would need to travel, such as: conferences, research related data collection, campus visits, or studying/collecting research abroad

Travel Awards


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