Mental Health Resources

Mental Health in graduate school is usually overlooked, but it’s important to pay attention to your body and mind and use self-care techniques to improve your well-being as you continue your grad school experience.

This page is dedicated to posting mental health resources, such as: self-care tips/activities, crisis hotlines, awareness research articles or blog posts, advice, etc.

📌 Please note that this is not a definitive resource, since the experiences, perspectives, and approaches are diverse across what is accessible to a student’s personal experiences and living situations. The resources in this tool kit share steps and strategies that help outline and provide a foundation for learning, reflecting, and engaging in one’s own personal mental health.

Curated Pages with Embedded Links

UT Resources

Grad School Journey Blogs

Social Media Accounts

The following Instagram accounts share self-care tips, motivation, and knowledge on their experiences as they journey to a graduate/doctoral degree. The Facebook Groups/Pages are an online community where one can go to vent, share positive experiences/accomplishments, or share funny and relatable memes to the grad school experience. Feel free to follow or join them to curate a motivational or relatable newsfeed while completing your own grad school journey on all your social media platforms!

Facebook Public Groups and Pages

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  • Shit Academics Say
  • Reviewer 2 Must Be Stopped!


  • @academic_amigas
  • @becomingadoctora
  • @diversityinacademia
  • @phdonewn (this account is connected to the blog “PhDone, What Next?” linked in the Blogs page)


  • r/GradSchool