Grad School Journey Blogs

Grad School Journey Blogs

Check out some of these blogs run by students or organizations intended to advocate for the experiences grad students overcome and share with each other during their journey in higher education!

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS):

  • This blog advocates for students and the future of the profession by publishing articles and blog entries on critical issues, including: funding for research, graduate student experiences, healthcare access, higher ed during a pandemic, and much more.

PhDone - What next? - A Blog About Leaving Academia after a PhD

  • This blog talks about your options while completing your desired graduate degree and compares the differences between staying in or leaving Academia.

Honest Look At My Grad School Journey - the foundation blog- kate eskuri

  • This blog post shares lessons learned through a persons grad journey experiences.

Get a Life, PhD

  • This blog shares advice that will help you balance life and work and attain a happier life on the track to a PhD.

The Thesis Whisperer

  • This is a newspaper style blog focusing on the process of completing a PhD and writing a dissertation. This can be a resource on topics for presenting, organizing your workspace, selecting a topic, making productive use of your writing time, and getting your work published.

Blog Archive - FromTheLabBench

  • This blog offers a STEM perspective on your work, focusing on science communication, social media and other related topics.

Inside Higher ED

  • Inside Higher Ed is one of the primary websites for news and information about higher education. They also run a blog called Gradhacker which posts articles written by graduate students with helpful advice while navigating grad school. Topics include: figuring out applying to jobs, working on completing your thesis or dissertation, finding time for self-care, teaching, and more.

Professor Eman

  • Welcome to Professor Eman, your go-to destination for STEM education and beyond. Eman's channel is dedicated to providing comprehensive lecture videos for various STEM classes and making education accessible to all. All the resources on her channel are free to view, and she offers free notes and transcripts for each video as well. Eman's mission is to empower learners by removing barriers to education and fostering a love for learning.