This page lists resources, services, and opportunities for professional development while students complete their graduate degree. Whether you plan on staying in academia or transitioning to an industry career, it’s important to take advantage of all the professional development resources available to us as students.

Texas Career Engagement (TCE)

  • TCE offers a variety of services to graduate students from 1X1 appointments to discuss career goals/options to reviewing your resumes and practicing for interviews. Other services TCE offers is professional development workshops with tips for interviewing for jobs, negotiating job offers, resume/CV writing, and navigating networking opportunities.

Graduate Students - Texas Career Engagement - UT Austin

Graduate Appointments - Texas Career Engagement - UT Austin

Travel Awards

  • The travel awards have an application process and only a few...

Mental Health in graduate school is usually overlooked, but it’s important to pay attention to your body and mind and use self-care techniques to improve your well-being as you continue your grad school experience.

This page is dedicated to posting mental health resources, such as: self-care tips/activities, crisis hotlines, awareness research articles or blog posts, advice, etc.

📌 Please note that this is not a definitive resource, since the experiences, perspectives, and approaches are diverse across what is accessible to a student’s personal experiences and living situations. The resources in this tool kit share steps and strategies that help outline and provide a foundation for learning, reflecting, and engaging in one’s own personal mental health.

Curated Pages with Embedded Links

UT Resources

Grad School Journey Blogs

Social Media Accounts

The following...



The libraries listed below are only a select few available to UT students, click on the link above to be taken to the site where all available libraries are listed. If you are interested in finding more information about a library listed below, click on the name to be redirected to it’s homepage.

STEM Related Libraries

A designated Patent and Trademark Resource Center, the Richard W. McKinney Engineering Library supports teaching and research in all fields of engineering.

The Life Science Library is housed in the historic space that served as the original library for the university until 1977. Its extensive collections support cutting-edge scholarship in the biosciences, with a focus on biology, medicine, nutrition and pharmacy.

  • ...

Sanger Learning Center

The sanger learning center provides academic support by helping students achieve their academic and professional goals with study strategies and workshops, offering learning specialists and speech consultants to assist with thesis/dissertation defenses .

Graduate Student Resources

Public Speaking Center

University Writing Center

The University Writing Center is a unit of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing and is available to help students become more proficient and confident in their writing abilities. This writing center is also and open study space available to students outside of normal hours located in the Perry Castañeda Library, 2nd floor—room 2.330a. For more information, visit their website below:


Whether you’re just starting your research experience or just need a refresher, check out some of these resources to help you identify the type of references you are using and how to correctly cite them.

UT Lib Guide on Citations

LibGuides: Cite Sources: Introduction to Citations

APA Style Blog

Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide

<aside> 📌 You’ll need to use your UT DUO to access this source; it contains links to the (2) citation systems: the notes and bibliography system and the author-date system, along with information on which system to use for your research if you are unsure.


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OWL Excelsior Online Writing Lab

📌 This online writing lab features instructional videos that shows you how to set up your research papers in APA, MLA, and Chicago Style formats.



📌 The following are quick links to some of UT’s more popular research databases used. You’ll need to sign in with your UT DUO authentication to access most of these specific databases that are not free to the public. The first link leads you to the full A-Z database list UT offers.

Databases A-Z

University of Texas Libraries | The University of Texas at Austin

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital Library

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Academic Search Complete

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APA PsychInfo

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💡 The University of Texas is one of the top-tier, leading research institutions in the world... but you already knew that because that’s most likely what you’re doing here as a graduate student!

Research Funding OpportunitiesInternal and external funding from the Office of the Vice President for Research

  • Note: these options are open to a mix of faculty and students

Find Funding

Available funding options specific to graduate students

  • Fellowships

Graduate School Fellowships

  • Student Employment

Student Employment

  • Tuition Reduction Benefits

Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB)


UT provides a diverse variety of mental health resources to all UT students on and off campus

The pdf embedded below is UT’s Counseling and Mental Health Services (CMHS) 2020-2021 Impact Statement. This is available to download for your own reference or can be opened in a new tab by clicking “Original” when hovering over the pdf.

Embedded pdf of UT’s University Counseling and Mental Health Services 2020-2021 Impact Statement.

Embedded pdf of UT’s University Counseling and Mental Health Services 2020-2021 Impact Statement.

Off Campus Counseling and Mental Health Resources:

Student Mental Health Resourcess

CMHC Counseling Resources

On Campus Counseling and Mental Health Resources:



Grad School Journey Blogs

Check out some of these blogs run by students or organizations intended to advocate for the experiences grad students overcome and share with each other during their journey in higher education!

American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS):

  • This blog advocates for students and the future of the profession by publishing articles and blog entries on critical issues, including: funding for research, graduate student experiences, healthcare access, higher ed during a pandemic, and much more.

PhDone - What next? - A Blog About Leaving Academia after a PhD

  • This blog talks about your options while completing your desired graduate degree and compares the differences between staying in or leaving Academia.

Honest Look At My Grad School Journey - the foundation blog- kate eskuri

  • This blog post shares lessons...